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Illustrator and author of the collective.

what .   Children's book   Nour asks why 

when .  August 2019

where . University of Oldenburg I Isensee Verlag

more . The queersensible Kinderbuch Nour asks why was created as part of a project for my master's degree in cultural analysis at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg on the subject

"Cross-dressing - self-expression and/or critique of heteronormativity."

The authors who gather under the name Felisa Talem sind Sabrina Draheim, Juliane Friedrich, Jasmin Johannsen, Franziska Madmouj, Hekmat Mufleh, Julia Schmelter, Yukino Shimojo, Lisa Sommer, Brigitte Boomgaarden and Falk Ewers.

"With this children's book, we want to become part of the growing branch of literature that takes into account and supports the diversity of children, and make a contribution to the discussion about the issue of gender diversity in kindergartens, among other things." Felisa Talem


The illustrations are mine, the text and other things were created collectively.

Having an exciting day at the department store, non-binary kid Nour keeps challenging stereotypical behaviors about clothing because

"Clothes are for everyone!"

nonbinary I queersensible I nogenderstereotypes I intersectionalillustration

"That's really nice! In the end, Emil put together a wild outfit with fire goggles, purple armor and a green chain. Super cool, brightly illustrated, so well written and such valuable content. I'm thrilled. I'll buy more of them and give them away as gifts." Sonya, a parent

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