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what . Selection of portraits and illustrations (1240px x 1748px)

when .  2019

where With the voices of women

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more . The book With the voices of women

The book depicts the struggle of women for their right to vote up to the demand for political participation in Bremen and thus spans the struggles from 100 years ago to the present day. In addition to texts, it contains selected documents and numerous figures, photos, illustrations and posters. It is a contribution to the history of women in Bremen, showing their commitment and achievements in their social environment and in the historical context. Ten authors from Bremen have contributed several texts to this book. (bfm)

heading 1

"I tried to visualize the energy and movement that these women brought to (Bremer) politics and the women's movement and at the same time to create a visual monument of remembrance culture that cooperates with the textual works of the book. I created the portraits digitally through various Collage techniques, drawings

and abstractions."

heading 1

Portrait Marie Juchacz - Brigitte Boomga
Marie Juchacz.
Portrait Hedwig Dohm - Brigitte Boomgaar
Hedwig Dohm.
Portrait Anna Stiegler - Brigitte Boomga
Anna Stiegler.
Portrait Charlotte Niehaus - Brigitte Bo
Charlotte Niehaus.
Portrait Agnes Heineken - Brigitte Boomg
Agnes Heineken.
Zitat Hedwig Dohm
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