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Near Future / Future Exist

what . Works for the Queer Feminist Pocket Diary 2021

when .  2020

web . Edition assembly

more .

>>Is it already 2021? If the movie A quiet place is to be believed, most of us won't survive 2020 at all as meteorites almost destroyed the earth and now aliens rule. But actually we don't have to get involved in science fiction to see the seriousness of the situation. Queers for future, for example, is a group that logically concludes that many struggles on a sinking planet have to be put on the back burner for the time being.

We cannot go along with that, because then all our main and secondary contradictory debates of the past would not have been worthwhile, which is why our next calendar is about visions for the future.

What is to come: is it utopia, dystopia, or just a continuation of the status quo? What is worth fighting for, what can we achieve, what do we want to achieve, what stands in our way, what can we overcome as queer-feminist communities and lone fighters?<< Riot Skirts

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