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what . Exhibition as part of 2 METER KUNST Bremen

when .  2020

where . Broadcasting room Bremen

web . ARRT POP

more . 2 METER KUNST Bremen (...) "is a solidary project that aims to bring restaurateurs and artists together. The idea came from the Wiesenviertel association in Witten. Inga Markgraf, Jasper Wessel and Felix Müller from the Bremen Arrt Pop Gallery have left Let yourself be inspired. Artists exhibit their works in Bremen's restaurants. 'You can stop for a moment on the walk or on the way to work and look at it and then buy the works of art using the QR code.' Jasper Wessel" ( excerpt from Radio Bremen )

I would like to thank 2 METER KUNST Bremen, ARRT POP and the broadcasting hall Bremen for the great cooperation! In difficult times for culture and art, 2 METER KUNST Bremen makes it possible for everyone to experience art on the one hand and to support artists on the other! I am very happy to be part of it! Thanks!

Many thanks also to Rebecca Gefken for the photographs and video production!

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