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what . four-part series "or!?" / shape, standard, order, border, 

when .  2020

where . Exhibition as part of the Open Air Gallery by ARRT POP Galerie in Neustadtpark

web . ARRT POP

more .

Exhibition format: With the "Open Air Gallery" format, ARRT POP Gallery has developed a new concept for the current gallery, adapted to the current situation with COVID-19 and the associated changes and regulations. Six weatherproof showcases will be integrated in the Neustadtspark (Buntentorsteinweg / corner of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße). These will be there from the beginning of September to October and will show art by Bremen artists and around.

Sexy fruit or what?
What does fruit have to do with gender norms - or not? The banana as a phallus symbol - or not? Evil Knivel Eva eating apple snacks - or who else? Is there more to see than pear compote - or not? Orange peel reference or something with genitals?
Or what!?

Hegemonic forms, norms, orders and borders determine our reality, our being and our becoming - right?

In English, an "or" hides in the terms and here provides a framework for the play of forms, norms, orders and boundaries in relation to fruit and gender norms
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